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The story of a tiny skeleton and her weird friends in her weird school doing weird things. And other stuff too.

About the ComicEdit

Skelagirl is a look into what life would be like if we lived by Creatures (such as werewolves, vampires, and other hybrids) side by side in our daily lives. There isn't complete harmony between the Creatures and Humans, as there are still arguements about their rights every day. Technology has advanced a great deal, as far as robots are concerned. Magic and whether you think it's real or not is a bigger deal than it has been in years. Recently, schools have been founded for Creature children who can be free from the taunting and torture some Humans propose. This comic follows the specific story of a skeleton brought to life by necromancy to heal a grieving woman's broken heart. And her name is Skelagirl.

About the ArtistsEdit

Skelagirl is a comic first created by Anissa Burton and Tabi Davidson, both art-wise and story-wise. They have no social lives and usually lay on their beds eating pizza and scrolling through tumblr. They are still taking their worthless education because it's the only way to see each other throughout the weekdays.

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